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AMMG Presents 2010 Alan Mintz Award toDerrick M. DeSilva, Jr., M.D.

Our Philosphy

As a healer and a physician, I have always believed to extend my knowledge and intentions into the universal care of the patient.  One of my favorite expressions is "The best of both worlds."  The unity of the worlds of medicine from both the East and the West.
Eastern medicine has existed for 5000 years while Western medicine although newborn has a great deal to offer.  The essential key is to unite these two cultures and incorporate them in a safe and effective manner for the diagnosis and healing process of the patient.  The primary words to this are safe and effective.  Each patient is different and has a unique set of needs - in this case, one size does not fit all.
As I strive to know my patients and access their individual health concerns and needs, a cooperative plan of care will be formulated.  Ideally, each individual must be encouraged to be responsible for one's health.  Once this concept is embraced, I will be able to assist each one in their road to better health.
Chinese Proverb
The inferior physician treats the disease once it occurs.
The mediocre physician prevents the disease from coming back.
The superior physician prevents the disease from ever occuring.


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